The Delight of Dress Shopping

We went shopping last week with our friends Christina and Andy because Jenna is going to be the flower girl in their wedding. Jenna is SO excited and keeps asking when the wedding is going to be. It’s hard for a 3 year old to wait 3 more months. It was so fun to see … Read more

The Olympics and the Insanity of it All

Hold on to your pants, that’s right I am writing two posts in one night. My nerdy (although hot) husband is rubbing off on me. We have watched hours, and I mean hours of Olympics. Especially since I was sick this week and that’s all I did was lay on the couch. You must know … Read more

On the Upswing Again

This has been a brutal week around our house. I got a nasty case of the flu on Monday and just today have felt good enough to engage in life. It’s not how anyone wants to spend a week. My husband has been such a trooper and took care of Jenna and I so well … Read more