The Olympics and the Insanity of it All

Hold on to your pants, that’s right I am writing two posts in one night. My nerdy (although hot) husband is rubbing off on me.

We have watched hours, and I mean hours of Olympics. Especially since I was sick this week and that’s all I did was lay on the couch. You must know that I love the Olympics and enjoy watching all of it. But I have to say, people who do the winter Olympics are for the most part just insane. I mean really, who wakes up and says to themselves “I am going to do the luge, or bobsled, or better yet, the skeleton today”?! I don’t know why anyone wants to pummel their body at 90 miles an hour down an ice slide of death. Then there’s the slalom skiing. I don’t know why anyone wants to fly on skies toward a pole that slaps them over and over again down the hill. Looks fun to me. Another favorite is the ski jumping. Although impressive, nothing in me wants to hurl my body off of a huge ramp, twirl in the air and then like so many of them do, “back slap” on the landing as they called it to give myself a nice migraine and back ache. Then there’s the Nordic combined events where they ski, shoot arrows, and just look like they want to die when they are done. And then there’s the ice dancing, I know they are talented but they wear some crazy outfits and the brother/sister duo was just too much for me. My favorite to watch, for real, are the men speed skaters and the womens ice skating. Pure goodness. All that to say, I think the Winter Olympics are full of insane athletes who love pain and the adrenaline rush and I just can’t seem to take my eyes off of it.

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