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Hey there,

I'm Jody, and I spent most of my life not feeling well, in and out of dr. offices, multiple surgeries, and had many different diagnoses.

I just thought that I would have to live with all of the same health issues my whole life; debilitating stomach trouble that caused discomfort constantly, so many food sensitivities that eating was no longer enjoyable, body aches everywhere, pounding head that caused my vision to go, skin issues, I never slept through the night, lack of energy to the point of exhaustion, addicted to caffeine because of the exhaustion, a thyroid that wasn’t working, crazy hormones, and I was sick ALL the time.

I was managing with the help of my naturopath, whole foods, herbs, oils and supplements and elimination diet but I felt resigned to a hard life of health. I was maintaining miserable and had lost hope.

But then I had my friend share about some gut health products were helping her family. My doctor had already told me that reducing inflammation and getting to the root issue of gut health was crucial so I decided to give it a try.

Within the first four months I was sleeping through the night, had energy, wasn’t tied to my coffee pot, my thinking cleared (I seriously thought I would have the dreaded brain fog the rest of my life), my emotions were more stable, I was feeling great, my stomach stopped hurting, I no longer needed my medication for my stomach issues and I haven’t had a blinding episode now in 8 years. These products have restored my health and I feel better in my 40’s than I did  in my 20’s.

Myself and my family have had the healthiest 8 years we’ve ever had! My husband’s cholesterol and lipid levels are healthier, he has more energy and clearer thinking. It’s been fantastic for my growing kids, changing hormones, immunity and support for my son who is an athlete.

I truly believe these simple, plant based, effective products are the foundation to great health for everyone. You may not have health issues now but investing now can also reap long lasting rewards for your future health. So whether you are a tired mom dragging through the day or a marathon runner, we have something that can benefit you!


A Life-Changing Journey

When the products restored my health I knew I had to pass that on to others. I never set out to have a business but I am grateful every day that this opportunity came along.

We were in full time ministry for 16 years before Plexus. We lived paycheck to paycheck and couldn’t afford many of the things that we wanted.

As a result of sharing the Plexus products and the generous compensation plan that Plexus offers we have been able to create margins in our budget and time, we have more options for the future, we are able to put our kids in club sports, pay for Private school, and the biggest blessing was that we could pay for medical treatment for our daughter that insurance wouldn’t cover.

You never know what emergencies are around the corner and we’re so grateful my Plexus paycheck allowed us to have the resources we needed when that time came.

It’s give us the ability to do more and give more as a family. It’s truly an incredible industry that I am so proud to be a part of.

Not only has It provided financially, it’s provided amazing adventures and travel along the way. I’ve earned free trips to Maui, Kona, Mexico, the Bahamas, an island off Haiti, a stay in the Dominican Republic, and many more in the US. The perks of this job have exceeded anything I ever could have dreamed of.

This isn’t just for our family though. The most rewarding part is that I get to help others change their lives for the better. What could this opportunity do for you or your family?

mccomas family

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