On the Upswing Again

This has been a brutal week around our house. I got a nasty case of the flu on Monday and just today have felt good enough to engage in life. It’s not how anyone wants to spend a week. My husband has been such a trooper and took care of Jenna and I so well while trying to get a little work done in between his care taking. I’m thankful all the time for the man the Lord has blessed me with.

I was also reminded how blessed I am with good health. I really felt like dying on Monday night but reality was that it would pass relatively quickly and that’s not the reality for some of our friends right now. We have a friend who is soon going to be with the Lord as a result of colon cancer. He’s only 28 and has two small kids and a beautiful wife. We have another friend who has a liver disease and without a miracle of complete healing or a liver transplant will also die much sooner than seems right.  So I guess all in all this week has been a week of reminding me to be thankful and praying for my friends who are suffering much more than I am with the flu.

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