The Delight of Dress Shopping

We went shopping last week with our friends Christina and Andy because Jenna is going to be the flower girl in their wedding. Jenna is SO excited and keeps asking when the wedding is going to be. It’s hard for a 3 year old to wait 3 more months. It was so fun to see her in the dress section and frantically pick out her favorite dresses (she’s unaware at this point that the Bride gets to make the final pick) to try on. Every time she would try one on she would run out of the dressing room yelling “Daddy Look!” She was so excited to show her daddy (and Andy) her beautiful little dress and it brought Matt delight to see her in it and her excitement as well. It’s such a sweet picture as a parent that I’ll treasure forever. There’s nothing sweeter than a dad with his little girl. But it’s also such a sweet picture of how God feels when we run to Him yelling “Daddy look” when we are so delighted with something that just brings our hearts joy. He delights in us and wants us to run to Him like that too. It was a reminder that I should do that more often. Who knew that dress shopping with a 3 year old could be so sweet (minus the meltdown we almost had when she didn’t want to take off the pretty dress).

*picture courtesy of Madelena Photography

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