Flower Picking

He came rushing into the office as I was doing my reading, face smudged with dirt, a big smile on his face, “Here mom, I picked you a flower.” His joy palpable as he saw my delight as I took his flower. With pride he quickly left again, “Bye mom” closing the door behind him. So precious that boy. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve shouted at him to not pick my flowers from the flower beds, he still sees the pretties and can’t help himself. It’s hard to get upset when he’s so tender-hearted, my adoring boy, and so appreciates the beauty around him. For a moment I want nothing more than for him to pick me flowers every day out of my garden, even if it leaves it bald just so I can see that pure, childish 2 year old joy at bringing his mama a flower. Oh the sweetness that a toddler can bring. Some moments I never want it to end.

a picked flower

What’s that I hear? Oh yes, the scream of that same delightful boy doing something naughty outside. It’s hard to be sweet ALL day.

I think I’ll go back to staring at my flower and remembering the moment he rushed in with it.

I hope your weekend is filled with sweet blessings and surprises, even if they’re picked by a toddler who’s not supposed to be tromping through your flowers. Sometimes those are the best ones.

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