How Do You Think God Views You?

This can be a hard question, a personal one, and can change depending on where I am in life I’ve found. When asked to pick a picture of how I think God sees me right now I picked this picture below.


At first I saw the word Family on it and it resonated. God created each one of us. He wants us to be a part of His family. And when we invite Him into our lives He doesn’t leave us. We are in His family. For better or worse. Admit it, you all have someone in your family that’s hard to love, can be a real pain (sometimes that person is me if I’m honest) and they can also be a real joy.  Families are made up of all kinds of characters. I am so thankful that no matter how good I am, how terrible I can be, how much I might disappoint Him, or how much joy I might bring Him He doesn’t kick me out of His family. His love is unconditional.

I don’t know if you notice it but it also says at the bottom of the frame “One of God’s Masterpieces.” Did you know God calls you a masterpiece? You were created with a purpose and handcrafted by God. I want to believe this and some days I do but most the time I just think I’m a hot mess. Ask my husband, he saw the meltdown last night after a hard day, I was more of a hot mess for sure than a masterpiece (at least in my eyes).

In the past year I often think that I have nothing to write about, nothing to share or offer others. But God enters in and has reminded me that everyone has something to offer and I enjoy writing so I should keep writing, even if no one reads it. I often feel inadequate as a parent and wife, but God reminds me that I am a work in progress and I am the one selected to be my kids mom and He will be glorified, even in my weakness. Especially in my weakness if I let Him. Sometimes the masters work looks rather messy when He’s creating but in the end it’s beautiful. That’s what I’m hoping for.

What about you? How do you think God sees you? Do you believe you’re one of His masterpieces? I’m trying to let this sink in and live in light of it.


2 thoughts on “How Do You Think God Views You?”

  1. “Masterpiece” has always been a difficult one for me in the moment. I see my shortcomings so obviously in front of me that it’s hard to consider myself a “masterpiece” in my current state. Yet, when I take a step back and reflect on my life, the moments of growth God has orchestrated, and the plan I see emerging for me and my family, it’s beautiful…simply a redemptive masterpiece only he could create. When I live out of that view – his view – life just seems to make more sense, be less stressful, and linger longer in the proper perspective. I resonate with your feelings on writing too – I feel the same often as well. My writing is usually a way to sort through the messy paints the creator is using to craft his masterpiece. If others read? Great. If not? Then I’ve processed some with the artist. It’s out there at least to reflect His work…even if it bares my heart at times. Thanks for sharing Jody!


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