Caught in the Rain

penninsula park

I’m deep in the pages of my Old Testament Today textbook. I just so happened to be in the midst of the topic of God’s love and his justice. He is sovereign and in control and always has been. I read this yesterday and then saw the news. This part stood out to me,

We cannot interpret infallibly exactly what God is doing in history. It is important to note, however, that it is not necessary to understand God’s overall plan in order to affirm that he is in control and that nothing happens independently of him. When we read of earthquakes, famines, wars, or terrorist acts, we have no way of identifying what God’s purposes are, but we dare not think that these are surprises to God or that they happen outside his jurisdiction.

The Bible delivers a worldview that conveys that God is not responsible for evil. Yet he has chosen to tolerate its existence as he unfolds his plan of reconciliation.

In my human mind I have always had a hard time understanding how God can allow things like a tornado that tears through elementary schools and kills children in its path. The heartache that happens in the blink of an eye is heavy. But I also know that God throughout history has been incredibly gracious, patient, and loving to people who continually walk away and want nothing to do with him. I know the God who has been gracious to me. I know the God  who suffered the loss of His own son for the sake of me, you, the world. He is in the business of coming down and entering into our pain.

So in the midst of news updates on the terror of the tornado it was nice to get away for a lunch date with my hubby. We had a gift card to use so we had a fabulous lunch and then went to a park to take in the beauty. It was raining lightly, nothing to keep us inside and then we got caught in a downpour. It was fun to take cover under a tree thinking it would pass and then have to run like mad to our car. Sometimes you just have to act crazy and dance in the rain. It’s what my soul needed today.





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