Portland Urban Immersion Begins

A group of almost 30 students arrived today from Montana State (near and dear to our hearts of course) for Portland Urban Immersion. It’s where another campus comes and gives their spring break to serve on our campuses in the city and see what life and ministry looks like here. We are so thankful that for the groups of students that have come over the past three years. They are making a huge difference and we’re praying that their lives are forever changed as well.

The week is packed with really fun things like going roller skating at one of the oldest roller rinks around, eating donuts from VooDoo Donuts, going to a Blazers game and going to the coast at the end of the week. However, we don’t just play. The will go to the Portland Rescue Mission to help serve a meal. The students will spend three days going to campus and sharing their faith. They will engage other students in conversations about spiritual things and see if there is opportunity to share with them about God. It may seem like a small amount of time but God can do such great things in a week.

For example, two years ago on spring break a Montana student struck up conversation with a girl named Kelsey. Kelsey then got involved in our ministry and God changed her life. Kelsey then applied for summer project in Lake Tahoe and was accepted. Upon arriving for the summer she was surprised to meet the student from Montana who had approached her randomly while on her spring break trip to Portland. They were now not just having a random conversation but would spend a life changing summer together. What are the chances?! God orchestrates the craziest things. It was so awesome to have Kelsey come in today and welcome our students and share her story with them. I’m so thankful when God says Go, people are obedient, and we get to see the incredible results. We’re praying for more stories like that to come about this week.

But before we send them to campus tomorrow, we had to initiate them into a little crazy Portland culture, at the Goodwill Bins. I’m pretty sure some of them are scarred for life. Here are a couple pictures of the treasures they found.


Will you join me in praying for this great group of students this week and all that God will do while they’re here?

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