Flying Solo

I know, it’s been quiet around the blog in the last week. That’s because it has NOT been quiet around here. When life picks up at home I usually can’t get to writing. I know priorities right?

With the spring break trip being here and then Matt being gone for 4 days I’ve been flying solo and trying to keep this ship from sinking. Because if you’ve met my son he likes to poke holes in things so I have to be very aware of where the little captain is at all times.

To keep the days flying by we’ve had lots of walks, playing outside, time with friends, dinner out with friends, and even an over-nighter with our dearest friends from Salem. It was so fun to have extended time together. Although I had high expectations of putting kids to bed and my friend and I chatting late into the night with a nice beverage in hand all while lazily lounging on the sofa. And then there’s reality. Kids get in and out of bed, can’t fall asleep and we don’t have an uninterrupted conversation the whole time. That’s life with four kids in the house and I wouldn’t trade our weekend with them for anything.


(This picture was from our slumber party. Someone commented the bottom one looked like Poltergeist. To which I responded, “well, sometimes they act demon possessed so it may be fitting.”)



This afternoon I put a show on for the kids, was attempting to do 25 minutes of yoga (that’s not much to ask) to calm my aching arthritis and Isaac decides to join me. I’m trying to stretch and listen to the video. I hear words intermittently being said like, “let all the tension flow from your body,” “cleansing breaths,” “enjoy the deep peace this brings,” all the while I have a 38 lb. man child climbing all over me, giving me hugs, occasionally smacking me in the face with a football, all while I’m trying to take “cleansing breaths” and enjoy the peace of my yoga. I just had to laugh. I’m pretty sure that’s not the environment the instructor would suggest for a refreshing yoga session. But I figure, this is what life is like, finding peace in the midst of the chaos.

All I know is that I don’t know how single parents do it, especially when there isn’t family around to help out. I’m beat. I can’t wait for my hubby to get back.



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