The Weeks Wanderings–Portlandia Style

This has been a long week. It has been full and had many incredible moments, sunny beautiful days, some very weird Portland sightings, visits with friends (thank you Cheryl) and also some hard emotional days for me worrying about a loved one. But, lets break it down.

Sunday evening we had a women’s time for the Portland Cru staff women. We rarely all see each other so Kristi had the great idea to meet for happy hour appetizers and just be together for a couple hours. I picked the place on Hawthorne, which is known for it’s Portland character but a normal enough place for our group. Upon arrival there is a very interesting display in the window of the consignment store directly across from the place we’re meeting. I seriously couldn’t believe my eyes. In all my times in Portland I haven’t seen this. I think it was just a “special treat” for our group of ladies. There was a large man, in nothing butĀ  speedo type bottoms dancing about. I wanted to share the picture (yes my friend took a picture and I have it) but my husband informed me it was too inappropriate to share on here. It’s not something you can ever unsee so you can thank him that you’ve been spared from seeing it. (If you’re curious and inappropriate like me text me and I’ll share it)

The very next day we went to a show at Jenna’s school. They brought in the Amazing African Acrobats, and they were amazing. They were very talented and the kids LOVED it.


The weather was incredible this week for several days. It felt like spring, people dressed like it was spring, I planted flowers and I even got sunburned, twice. I know, I’m not a quick learner. I’m totally ready for summer. Unfortunately I know the rain will soon return but my cup is definitely full of Vit. D for the moment.


We decided to go to the coast today because we saw the forecast, had a free day and just had to take advantage of it. It. Was. Amazing. Blue skies, kids playing for hours, time with good friends, and the roar of the ocean. ThereĀ  was even a group of people that looked like they belonged in Portland dressed up on the beach (they asked me to take their picture which didn’t make me feel weird to take a few of my own) frolicking about. There’s just something fun about watching people dance about in green tutus, larger than life wings and a man in a pink fuzzy onesie outfit. To top it off they had a crazy contraption that they made incredible bubbles with. It was fabulous.


Oh How I love those three (especially the handsome man who loves our family so well)!





And well, this is me in my favorite T-shirt. It’s purple, it’s made by a local company and it sums up how I feel about Oregon, especially on days like today. (Although I had about 3 more layers on top of that. It was beautiful but I was still cold.)


Even during a week where a lot of the time I felt consumed with worry for someone I love and shed many tears it was also flooded with tender mercies from the Lord. I received so many emails, texts, and phone calls to let me know people care and are praying. There were glorious moments soaking in the beauty of Gods creation. There were sweet moments with my kids as they experience life in the innocence of their world. Life is full of terrible tragedy and also tender mercy from God. I’m still trying to figure out how to live in light of both of those things and walk daily in joy.

I hope your week was littered with Gods grace as well.

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