The Death of My Juicer

(Be aware, this is a first world problem.)

I was mid juice and my machine made a loud thud, like it hit a cement wall at full speed and that was the last sound it made. It never regained power and left my juice cup only half full. What a sad day.

My Big Boss Juicer served me well for 7 months but that was too short of a lifespan if you ask me. I had read in the reviews that if it breaks you’ll never be able to get a hold of the company for help or replacements. That seems to be an accurate statement. So until the budget allows and I find a screaming deal on a new juicer we’ll be going back to smoothies (until my blender dies which may not be too far off either, it’s leaking out the bottom).


Here’s some great info. on juicing vs. smoothies. Unfortunately I’ll only be making smoothies (which I enjoy, but really like my juice as well) for a while.

So, if you juice or make smoothies, what’s your favorite machine to use and why?


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