Weekend Wanderings at the Grandparents

This past weekend we were with my family. It was a work trip which was very encouraging but we also had some fun time with the family. My kids are always in heaven when they are with my parents and aunt. They are spoiled with attention and this time fun crafts. I’m sure the highlight for Jenna was knitting a scarf. She has been wanting to learn for a while and my aunt taught her in about 10 minutes. She needed quite a bit of help but she did an amazing job. I really didn’t think that she’d get as far as she did (don’t tell her that) but she was super determined and did quite well.



A highlight for Isaac is always the “tractor” as he calls it. My dad drives him around and lets Isaac help drive. He is very serious about his job as driver as you can see from the picture.


We enjoyed a lot of time outside enjoying the sunshine and riding around in the cart. Grammy got plenty of exercise giving rides this weekend. Jenna and Isaac did their fare share of pulling as well which is always fun to watch. Isaac is strong enough to pull Jenna which is crazy to me. He’s a man child I tell you! And he has mad hops to go with the muscles (my hubby took that amazing picture of Isaac. I can’t take credit for that one).



I got my aunt addicted to Pinterest recently (you’re welcome) so she had a fun craft she wanted to do, which I’ve been wanting to try so that was nice. She planned it, I benefited from it and my kids loved it. We now have fun eggs on our table for easter decor. Love it!



The last fun craft and activity was totally instigated by my dad. He cut down some old sunflowers that were still in the garden and he and the kids decided to paint them. Seriously brilliant and they’re so cute. We painted some more when we got home and I put some in these adorable yellow vases I snagged from my grandmas attic and I have a fun, eclectic new decor for my counter. If we get motivated we’ll finish painting the rest of them and put them on the porch.


Oh yes, and my aunt has every fun technologically cool gadget there is and my kids also loved those. Here’s an adorable picture of her and Isaac on one of them. I’m pretty sure they were playing a slots game. Now he tries to touch my computer screen to make it do things. We don’t have an iPad so that was all new to him. Now that we’re back home, we’re so boring.


Those were some of the highlights of our trip. Don’t be fooled, there were some hard things as well. I slept a total of about 6 hours the whole weekend, Isaac has a terrible cold, and there was some hard family stuff happening. Life is never all peaches for any family.

Today the weather was so nice I planted some flowers and got our garden beds all ready to plant some things. Tis the season around here. Yay!



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