“Wouldn’t you at least tell your friends?”

If you believed in something so hard that you would die for it, would you keep it a secret? Wouldn’t you at least tell your friends? – Grey’s Anatomy

I was shocked when I heard that quote on Grey’s Anatomy last night. I know you’re judging me now but I’m fine with that. It was a powerful scene and statement about one’s faith. There was more to the story than I’ll talk about here.

If you are a follower of Christ, if you really believe what the Bible says is true, that Christ died for us, loves us beyond our comprehension, wants to have a relationship with us now and for eternity, why wouldn’t you want people to know it? In our neighborhood life group we had just been talking about this topic (2 Cor. 5:14-21) and then I was convicted by a TV show 30 minutes later. I am all about having tact and not being obnoxious in sharing my faith with others. It has to be motivated out of love. But, if I really believe that it matters now and for eternity shouldn’t I talk about it more with people in my life? And yes, I’m in full time ministry so I do this often with college students. But it can be easy to not do it as much with people that I live next to or see at my daughters school. That’s much scarier to me. I’m just being honest here.

Recently we had a student write an update to a staff about their relationship with a parent. After our last conference he went home and shared his faith with his mom. Her response was, “Why have you waited so long to share this with me?”

Knowing and following Jesus is the best thing in my life. So I have to ask myself, would others think that’s a secret? I hope not but I’m certainly challenged to not be afraid to talk about my faith in Him with those around me.

What about you? Is this a challenge for you?


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