Valentine’s Day Crafting

Since it is the month of love we did a little Valentine’s day crafting. Of course I got my ideas from Pinterest and I chose very simple ones. In about 30 minutes, with Jenna’s help we have just enough craftiness to make it festive.

We made a heart chain, and an XOXO sign that can be used for cute pictures if you’re so inclined.


valentines chain

This was taken outside the window. I couldn’t get a great picture.



We also made our own Valentine’s Day card which didn’t turn out exactly like the Pinterest original (it never does) but it’s cute none-the-less. We’ll share that later.

We lead a small group in our neighborhood and we’re planning a family dinner/Valentine’s day party because it falls on the night we usually meet. We intend to celebrate the best and most amazing love of all, God’s. I think we’ll do some fun activities for the kids. If you have any fun ideas please pass them along!

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