Rolling with the Punches…..

…..literally. Well, I guess it wasn’t a punch so much that started off the past several days of downward spiral but a ball thrown at the hand of my sweet child. You see, I was laying on the floor stretching out my back when the missile hit me. My two year old launched a ball straight at my face as I was totally unaware of the danger that was coming. See that was mistake number one, never turn a blind eye to a toddler. Rookie mistake I know. I actually felt the ball hit my eyeball. I had no time to even flinch. After the shock wore off I didn’t think much of it. The next couple days a hard knot was forming below my eyebrow above my eye, yes the one my son tried to take out. It then got very red, swollen and painful. I looked like I had been in a fight and clearly lost. So, Friday afternoon I headed off to the doctor where she proceeded to tell me that I indeed had an infection and if it weren’t so close to my eye she would drain it (What?!). She warned this could be potentially dangerous (a term I always love to hear) so close to my eye and I needed to follow up in a couple days in case the antibiotics didn’t clear it up. Yay!

Bedtime couldn’t come soon enough for me. Little did I know another danger was lurking, the stomach bug. Oh the dreaded one that’s been going around and we’ve managed to dodge it until now. Jenna came down about 10 crying because of a stomach ache and that continued through the night as did throwing up. Have you ever noticed that the flu/stomach virus likes to arrive at night. I’m convinced it because it’s from the Evil one and he prefers darkness. Anyway, my poor girl did not have a good 24 hours but thankfully that’s all it was, 24 hours. Fast and furious. Now the rest of us just wait in eager anticipation to see if we get it or not. I kept trying to get Isaac to stay away from Jenna because there’s nothing fun about a puking toddler. It’s as if he was daring the danger to take him out too because I actually saw him pick up Jenna’s glass and lick it after I told him several times to stay away from it. Let’s hope he has an immune system of steal.

The cold I had for about 3 1/2 weeks came back Friday as well. It’s like it won’t go away, the gift that just keeps on giving. Do you remember that game you play on the computer called the Oregon Trail? Well I’m convinced had I been in that game I would definitely be one of those unlucky souls who have something strange happen like get an infection from a small cut caused by helping fix a wheel or better yet stirring dinner over the fire. Then I contract measles and die. Yes, I am a weak link and if it weren’t for the modern world of medicine and technology we live in now I surely wouldn’t have made it this far.

So, the wonderful wanderings of last weekend seem so far away as this one only brought wanderings to the toilet for my sweet girl and lots of wandering to the laundry room and medicine cabinet for me.

As unfortunate as the past few days have been I’m so thankful for sickness that’s short lived, a warm cozy house, kids who like to cuddle on the couch, watching movies and reading together, a wonderful husband to help share the load, and delicious homemade soup and bread to comfort the weak body.

Now, here’s to hoping this upset stomach is caused from the antibiotics and not the lurking norovirus and that my eye will get better.



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