Jenna’s 6th Birthday

I was informed tonight at bedtime that “I am no longer a little girl, I am a young lady.” I had no idea that turning 6 was the age you became a young lady but apparently it is. And let me tell you what friends, my young lady knows what she wants in a party.

We celebrated her birthday yesterday with a few friends (I wish it could be more but the house can only hold so many friends at a time) and I am spent. From the time Jenna was 2 (yes, 2) she has told me what she wants for her birthday party, very specifically. Not in an entitled sort of way but in a polite, I know exactly what I want kind of way.

In the words of my husband, “It looks like a rainbow threw up in here.” Thanks dear! I have succeeded then, was my response. We had vanilla cake with triple berry filling, mason jars for drinks, skittles on the cake (simple like I like it), art projects for her friends to do and take home and ribbon dancing. All those things were upon Jenna’s request and she had a ball at her party. Sometimes I wish she would just let me do it for her and plan it but I know she wouldn’t enjoy it as much. She made her own sign for the door, helped put skittles on the cake, helped make the rainbows we hung from the ceiling (right where she told me to put them), helped cut ribbons for her ribbon wands and helped with the fruit toothpick skewers (perfect kid size). We didn’t want to totally overdo the sugar high so we evened it out with rainbow goldfish and fruit skewers. I’m pretty sure they burned off most of it while doing 30 minutes of ribbon dancing at the end anyway.

All I know is that it wasn’t picture perfect Pinterest, but it was picture perfect 6 year old Pinterest worthy and that’s all that matters around here. Jenna exclaimed it was the best birthday yet! And that makes it all worth it.

I’m so thankful for my beautiful 6 year old. Jenna you have a heart of gold, care deeply for others, love to dance, love to read (and read more books and more proficiently than some adults I know as a kindergartner) and love to craft and color for hours on end. I couldn’t be more proud to be your mom!

6th birthday collage1

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