Serving Our Elementary School

One of my favorite days at our Cru Conference is the day of service. We weren’t able to find enough service projects for everyone because of the day it fell on but we were able to send out 150 college students into the community to serve and be a blessing. One of those places was Jenna’s school.

There are so many projects that never get done because there is no budget to do it. The principle was excited to have our students there to help out and it was so fun to take Jenna to her school and see college students painting, washing windows, and spreading mulch in the garden. She wanted to go around and meet each student and talk to them about her school. It was a highlight for sure.

By the end of the night we had an email from the principle saying how grateful she was to have our students and that she’s glad she could be a part of our conference in that way. What a sweet thing! Hopefully next year we can go back and take even more students.

I never imagined that when God placed us there we would be able to serve in this way. Just another unexpected blessing along the way.


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