Soaking in the Advent Season

I’ve said it before, but since having kids it has made us evaluate how we do the holidays (especially Christmas), well life really. But I enjoy the changes we’ve made and I know God will continue to shape them and teach us how to revel in the season more and more each year.

Some things that we love doing are reading our Advent Book, Lighting Advent candles, buying less gifts and giving more to others as a result.

One thing that can kill the joy of the holidays are expectations. You know the ones we set for our families that may not be realistic, or maybe they are but something happens like sickness and it’s all thrown out the window. I’ve been sick all week so the fun crafts I was going to do with my kids and baking our traditional holiday treats hasn’t happened. We haven’t taken our neighbors treats and cards yet, and probably won’t get to it at this rate. I know that’s small in the midst of the real hurt and trouble in our world but it’s the small things that can derail us sometimes.

At our MOPS group during our last meeting the talk was about Advent and really enjoying this season. It was good to look back at my notes and remind myself to do this. She shared three things to focus on:

Reverence for God. God is amazing, holy, loving, and we cannot comprehend all that He is. Try and step back and take Him in, in this moment. We can experience His little bits of grace along the way.

Be deliberate. I like the word intentional. Make an effort to take in each moment. Make room for hope and grace. Sometimes the busyness of life and the season gets in the way of actually enjoying it.

Be fully awake. Be in the present.

Advent is about longing, waiting for the Christ child. Even though He’s already been born we can celebrate what that longing would have been like. Now we just long for him to return. Our broken world needs Him. I’m thankful that He has come, He brought hope, He’s till bringing Hope and one day He’ll return again. And all this happens whether I get my goodies baked or not.

Advent candles

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