To Do vs. To Be


I’m a do-er. I come from a family of do-ers (that sounds funny). And although this can be a really great thing it also has it’s challenges. I want to do and not just be. Does that make sense to you?

This week Jenna was off from school and I had all kinds of ideas of what we could do (of course), zoo lights, the boat light parade, bake and do crafts, play dates, etc. And we did some of those things so far but mostly we have read, had nap time, watched a lot of movies (a kids dream right?) and stayed in our pj’s all day long. In fact, it’s 9:40 am and we’re sitting at the table in pjs still and the kids are having their second bowl of cereal for their mid morning snack. I asked Jenna as we were sitting here if she’s had a good week and without hesitation she said yes. I’m reminded that we don’t have to constantly be do-ers but just enjoy be-ing. Sometimes sickness can have it’s blessings, it slows us constant do-ers down.

I don’t know about you, but if you’re like me you might need the encouragement to just sit down and be. Even in the midst of the hustle and bustle, take a few minutes to just rest and be. Your kids may even just thank you. (Maybe even take a bubble bath and rest your head on a blanket of bubbles and just be. Isaac seemed to enjoy it.)


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