Baby Shower Ideas

Tis the season for Christmas but also for babies around here. I know many friends having babies around Christmas and the new year. One of the ways to bless a new mom or even second time around mom is to throw a shower. Being in ministry, this seems to be like a side ministry I didn’t know I would have, throwing showers of all sorts (our people like to take the command to be fruitful and multiply very seriously I guess, but I digress).

Last weekend I threw a shower for a dear friend. I wanted to share some of my ideas with you in case you wanted some for your idea board. Most of my ideas came from Pinterest and then were adapted, because that’s what I do, make it my own, less perfect version.

For decoration I made a clothes line with babies clothes that I found along the way. I also made a cute little onesie with a star on it. I simply cut out a fabric star using a cookie cutter and ironed it on using stitch witchery. I then made the fabric pendant banner that I loved and is now hanging in Isaac’s room. I also used the iron and stitch witchery, no sewing for me people. I made a sign for the door using left over scrap material and printed out B-A-B-Y on card stock. The grocery store had an amazing bunch of roses on sale so I cut those up and put them in mason jars on the table. Add all that to the Christmas decorations that were us and it was a festive environment for sure.

For the food we had mini quiche (from Costco), rosemary roasted potatoes, berry cream bread, vegan pumpkin bread, fruit, nutella filled croissants, and yogurt parfaits. Makes me hungry just thinking about it.


I don’t like games so we didn’t play any of them. We just enjoyed each others company, opened gifts, ate again, prayed together, ate, and I had them write a note/prayer/blessing to the baby in Dr. Suess’s book Oh, the Places You’ll Go! that Bethany could take with her. They can add to it as life goes on if they want.


As a take away I made little bags of kisses and a button magnet that I made with a prayer request attached to the back of it so they remember to pray for her and the baby.

Even tonight I’m preparing for my next shower I’m helping plan in a couple weeks. I hope Christina doesn’t read this because I just gave away some of my secrets.

What about you, do you have favorite ideas for baby showers?

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