What’s in Your Mailbox?

I’ve been a little under the weather the past few days and it was a dark week in our country to say the least. So to get a fun package in the mail from a dear friend was such a sweet treat. I Love getting cards from friends and I’m known to save them for years (My husband loves this about me, really). My sweet friend Sarah sent one from Bozeman along with a fun budget/coupon holder that she made. She’s incredibly crafty and gifted at what she does. I’m so excited to have something fun, cute and practical to keep my coupons in. Thanks Sarah! You all should check out her etsy site. She has fabulous things for babies, moms, friends, etc.


And then I got a very strange card in the mail. I mean really strange people. It was sent from HBO, was not signed, and sent to just me. I don’t even have cable television. How the heck did they get my address and why would they send this card?! I had to show you all. Is this meant to be encouraging?


They make it sound like you’re a total loser and no matter how much others think that, go ahead, follow those dreams. Really? Have any of you received a card like this?

Don’t worry friends, I didn’t hold onto this one. I am however displaying so many wonderful card and pictures of friends that continue to flood our mailbox. I feel blessed to have so many incredible people in our lives. We truly are blessed with relationships, both near and far.

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