Celebrating My Aunt and Uncle

About a month ago my uncle got down on one knee and proposed to my aunt, after 36 years of living together. He decided he’d finally put a wedding ring on her finger, I guess he’s a slow mover and after 36 years thought he’d keep her around for a while longer. They had a sweet ceremony with my parents as their witnesses and then they sent out and email to announce the big news. Obviously we were all shocked and excited they got married. A week and a half ago we had a wedding reception in Prineville to celebrate them and their 36 years of being together and one month of being officially married. It was a fabulous afternoon.

Yesterday I got a dreaded phone call, my uncles lungs had given up and he was being rushed to the hospital. He died last night and our hearts are so grieved. I’m just so thankful that at the end of his life he ended with doing something he thought was so important, marrying my aunt, and we all got to be together only a week ago and celebrate them.

Will you please pray for all of us. Especially my aunt. My heart is burdened for her. She has lost her mom, her daughter, her dog (this week) and now her husband, all in the last two years. I can’t imagine the pain even one of those brings let alone all of them in such a short amount of time. So praying friends, please pray that she will feel the comfort of the Lord and know that He never abandons us even when it feels that way.

You could also pray for my sweet Jenna. She’s already had to experience a lot of people she knows and loves dying at such a young age. In the last couple weeks she’s been really anxious about a lot of things and yesterday was being exhibited in new ways. Pray for her young heart to be at peace and for us to know how to love her through her anxiety.

Life is so short and death always feels so quick and unexpected. I’m thankful that God is there through it all and He is always a constant, even if you don’t understand his ways.

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