Isaac is 2!!!

Today Isaac is 2! We did it, we’ve survived this far. I always consider it success when we’ve survived each day. Isaac still loves to climb on things, jump on and off things, throw things and try to do something dangerous every chance he can. He is still as sweet as can be when he’s not being a warrior and his dimple and smile can win anyone over. He sat through his first whole book last week while I was reading and he’s starting to talk more and more each day. My favorite saying right now is “I see you!” while he peeks around at you. So adorable!

We threw a party for him this weekend with a construction theme. He loves big trucks so it seemed fitting and entering the two’s seems like something that requires some caution which also went with the theme. Here are a few pictures from our little party. We had a great time! We’re so thankful for our boy! Look out world Isaac is 2!

Off course most of my ideas came from pinterest and I made the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake that is the best cake I’ve ever made and Isaac also loves it. He doesn’t like cake usually but likes this one so it’s a win all the way around.

Isaac got some really fun gifts like a new bike, a work bench with tools, a wheel barrow, a little bus and a fun book with tool puzzle pieces. One of my favorites is the wire airplane from Brittany that we’ll hang in his room. He loves planes. (Soon I’ll do a post with his new room pictures.)

I love how he looks like he’s adoring his cake before he devours it. He also looked like a proper construction worker with a dirty face and his pants falling down. Total stereotype I know, but he fit it well.

Today we’re going to the zoo to celebrate. Happy Birthday Isaac!! We love you!

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