A Full Week With More Crazy to Come

What a week! When the weather is nice we seriously pack in as much as we can around here (Although that seems to be the norm even when it rains). My poor sweet Isaac got a nasty cold from the nursery at church which landed us in the doctors office and on steroids for his lungs. I think anything with the name steroids should not be used on my boy, he’s already a little man but I guess it doesn’t work like that thank goodness. So we’ve been nursing him back to health and getting terrible sleep in the process. Oh, the life of a mom.

We went berry picking this week with some friends and came home with about 20 lbs of marionberries and the most amazing blackberries to get in the freezer. I may make some syrup later but for now my freezer is just loaded with amazing berries for the winter. Yum! I love the pictures below. Jenna snarls at me when I “sneak” pictures of her and Isaac looks like he’s wondering if anyone will notice his berry stained face. Adorable.

The rest of the week we took advantage of the park, made a new friend from Honduras, watched Jenna make amazing progress at swimming lessons, ride her bike like a champ after only a few days of learning, and of course trying to keep my son out of danger. His new favorite trick is to climb into the windows and look out (not dangerous at all) and today in about 2.5 seconds he climbed on the table to smell the lovely flowers my hubby brought home to me. I of course had to snap a picture because Isaac looked so stinkin cute smelling those flowers and being completely naughty.

So this morning, feeling totally exhausted and overwhelmed because I needed to pack for our epic 10 day, 1700 mile road trip (mainly to visit our ministry partners) we’re leaving on tomorrow I decided I would procrastinate and whip up french toast instead. Another vegan version of deliciousness. I pureed applesauce, our fresh blackberries and vanilla soy milk, dipped the bread in (that needed to be used up; see I was preparing to leave) and cooked it with a little coconut oil. Sooooo good. It caramelizes the fruit on top and is so tasty. Jenna watched me make it and said, “How can something that pretty not be delicious?” Well said my dear, well said. Just look how pretty! (Although I know the picture does not do it justice at all. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

Now, I need to stop procrastinating on here and get the last few things done. If you don’t hear from me in the next two weeks it’s because we’re on the road. I’ve left our insane garden in a great students hands and told her to host fun parties at my house 🙂 Pray for us, it’s bound to be a crazy journey.

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