That’s What She Said…….

“I like sun bathing but now I’m shade bathing”

I told her she could stay up as late as she wanted while we were camping. She said, “Okay, but not till 10.” Why not 10? I ask. “How about 8:30. I’m trying to make wise choices.”

After getting Isaac to repeat things she said, “See I control him.”

Isaac came out with camo pants and she said, “Oh those are perfect for going on a safari.” Good thing we were headed to the zoo.

I told her we were going to Montana soon and she said, “Yay! We’ll get to play in the snow!” I explained that it is summer and there wasn’t any snow. She said, “What?! I thought it always snowed there?” Clearly that is all she remembers.

After our trip to Mt. St. Helens and bringing some caterpillars home with us her and Matt were talking about how they may not live long. She said, “Well, if they die, they die.” Spoken like a compassionate 5 year old. Sadly they died after 4 fantastic days.

We were getting ready to do something and I asked if she had what she needed to which she responded, “Fairies are always prepared.” Of course they are, but I thought that was the boy scouts.

“What’s that dog called again?” I couldn’t remember right then so she said, “Well, it should be called spectacular because it iiiiissssss spectacular.” It was a Great Dane.

We were trying to get out the door and I kept grabbing things I needed and she said to me, “Come on, you’re dilly dallying and we’re going to be late.” Hmmm, where has she heard that before?

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