A Stroll Down Memory Lane to Boise

As we rounded the sweeping corners of countryside between Portland and Boise memories flooded my mind of the last time we made that drive. Almost two years ago we made that drive in anticipation of our son being born. The nervousness of all that was about to happen was almost overwhelming then and kept us quiet and in our own thoughts for miles at a time.

It was surreal to make that journey again, only this time with our almost 2 year old son in the back seat breaking the silence of my sweet memories of that first trip with a bellowing howl from the backseat. My how times have changed, and I’m so thankful.

We began our epic road trip in Boise to visit ministry partners, our sweet friends and fellow staff family the O’Briens and also to spend a day with Brittany (Isaac’s birthmom). We had such a great day with her. We were able to stay in a fantastic apartment of the family that she nannies for and spend an evening with them. It’s fun to see what her life is like in person and meet those that are important to her. Brittany of course showered the kids with gifts (Jenna’s already wore her dress twice) and us with all that we needed (and more) for our stay.

We took the kids to the park where there was water to play in (because it was 105 that day and we were melting) and had a great time. It’s fun for her to get to see the big boy that Isaac has become. Overall the day was so great and the Lord gave me peace about our time together. It’s still an interesting dynamic and I’m always anxious about how it will be emotionally for all of us. Adoption is an incredible thing but it doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Now we’re in Bozeman and soaking up our friends company, visiting lots of ministry partners, enjoying the incredible view of the mountains and wide open spaces. Although I have to say, I had a hard time sleeping the first night because it’s so quiet here; I never thought that I would complain about that.

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