New Digs For Isaac’s Room

We decided since we had a partial day free this weekend we would paint Isaac’s room. I’ve never liked the yellow in there and so it was time to make the change. There’s a paint place that does gallons of paint for $10 which is right up my cheap alley so we went there for paint. They only have certain colors to offer so we chose light gray. I really like the color in there and during the day it even has a light blue-gray tint to it. I know the new picture isn’t great but I’m too lazy to get out my good camera and take a better one. So here’s a before and after shot for you.

Since he is almost 2 (sniff, sniff) I figured it was time to redo his room to make it more of a big boy room. While we were at the Mississippi Street Fair this weekend we found this print and loved it. It pretty much sums up Isaac and now we have something to decorate around. So here it is:

Now, this is where you come in, do you have any fun and creative ideas to go along with this print? What else should I put on the wall? I’ve thought about street signs such as Slow Down, Yield, Speed Limit 75. Don’t you think that’s fitting?

Maybe by the time he’s actually two we’ll have something on the wall again. One can always hope, although I don’t think Isaac cares much.

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