Swim Lessons Drop Out

Okay, so he’s not so much of a drop out as an “I got kicked out by my parents” kinda kid right now. Yes, after only 2 1/2 classes of swim lessons we had to take Isaac out of the pool and withdraw from the class. I know, he’s so cute in that picture, but picture him swinging that bar bell at your head and screaming and it’s no longer cute.

The majority of the swim class is in the deeper water trying to teach the kids to kick their feet, lay on their back, blow bubbles, and sing songs. All the other 12 kids were so calm and docile, an occasional whimper would be heard and then there was us. Isaac trying to hit me to let him go and screaming. He would prefer to do it himself. On occasion when I would get tired of fighting him I would let go, he would sink under the surface, I would grab him and he would come up laughing hysterically. Not exactly the response I was hoping for. The instructor would come over occasionally and ask “how’s it going?” I was thinking, “Why do you ask, does it look like we’re struggling?” Oh dear Lord help us. He is such a dare devil! Just last week Jenna jumped into the pool without holding the hands of her instructor, but Isaac, he doesn’t want to hold your hands, he jumps right in and comes up laughing. The difference between the two is so drastic and I’m being stretched daily because of it.

So, after 15 minutes in the pool today (I made Matt go in with him) Matt was done. They left the pool and went outside. Matt said that he sat very still and quiet for about 10 minutes. Pretty sure he’s never done that before. I think that it was the right choice. I guess we’ll see but we value obedience and respect in our house so the big pool is out and the kiddy pool is where we’ll reside for a while longer. When the obedience skills are a little better we’ll try again but until then I don’t want to be “that” parent with “that” kid in the water with all the cooperative other babies. Man this parenting thing is a pride killer isn’t it?!

P.S. Don’t get me wrong, Isaac is a total sweetheart most the time, a little snuggler, usually always smiling and a delight. But that stubborn disobedient side can be a real killer. I think the 2’s will be interesting.

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