Year Two Comes to a Close

We begin and end each school year at Council Crest Park. It overlooks the city and is a great place to gain a little perspective. You can see the city below, here the roar of the traffic and see the beautiful surrounding mountains. Today it was sunny and beautiful so we actually got to enjoy the view.

We remembered all that God has done this year and rejoiced in how far we have come in the two years since moving here. It seems at times that God is slow to make change here but when we stop to remember, there are many things to rejoice about and lives have been changed and who knows all that’s happened that we don’t actually get to see. We hold out hope that next year will be even better and trust God to use us in this great city.

After taking our team picture (a serious one and then a series of jumping ones that were so funny) the majority of them headed to the office for staff meetings and I headed home to take care of the kids. Today the weather was glorious so we ended it with playing in the water in the backyard. Here are some pretty funny ones. Today was one of those days where I just think, “Man, I’m one blessed woman. I love my life!”

This picture screams Little Bo Peep doesn’t it?!

Such a boy!

Isaac checking on our sugar snap peas. Looking good. Don’t you garden in your underwear? That’s how we roll here.

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