A Vegan Diet?!

I just have to start with telling you how much I love meat. I love a good steak and grew up a meat and potatoes kinda family. I also love dairy but have had to give that up (mostly) in the last year because my tests did indeed prove that it hates me and wreaks havoc on my body.

And then, and then, we watched the documentary called Forks over Knives. It kinda messed me up and made me want to change my diet completely. You really should watch it. If even half of what they say is true (that animal based products cause/contribute to diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc.) then we should all be cutting out (or at least way down) on the amount of meat based products and sugar that we eat. It’s quite disturbing really. It’s not so hard for me to believe either because my dad had a quadruple bypass at the young age of 50 and he loves his meat, dairy and Little Debbie’s (and he wasn’t obese by any means. It was a total shock to all of us.).

So now Matt and I are seriously contemplating trying the vegan diet for 30 days. I have my doubts that I can do it for even 5 days let alone 30 days or forever for that matter. I don’t think we would ever be totally vegan but we’re curious to see if 30 days of total vegan really makes us feel that much better.

Before you throw stones and call me names go watch the documentary. It’s interesting if nothing else. I’ll let you know if we actually do it. We ordered a vegan cook book so I know what we could actually eat. But in the mean time I made a fabulous dinner that was vegan and I would totally make it every week (even my kids loved it which was kind of shocking).

It’s a great summer dinner. Give it a try. Black Bean Quinoa Burgers (without the egg and I added cilantro) and Quinoa fruit salad with mango, strawberry, basil, finely chopped kale and Kraft mango chipotle dressing. The original inspiration for that salad can be found here. Mmmmmmm!

Do you have good vegan recipes to share? I’d love to try them.

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