It’s Only Hair Right?

Saturday morning after Jenna got up I kept looking at her hair thinking “Wow, it’s messed up. She must have slept really well.” Then before leaving the house I was combing it trying to put it in a ponytail. And then I realized what the real problem was. She had cut her hair! Chunks of hair in the front were missing. A good attempt to frame her face really, but not so successful (you can see some of it in this picture I took today. She cut at least 5 inches off the front in places.). I asked her if she cut her hair and she looked like a scared cat about to be dumped in the water. She quickly denied it but the carnage of her hair and the look on her face were enough evidence for me. I began asking more questions to which all gave me lies, lies, lies.

I finished her hair, put clips in to try and fix it and went upstairs to find her garbage can with lots of pretty hair in it. They aren’t very good at covering up their mistakes at this age. That will come with time I’m sure.

So after Matt had a good talk with Jenna upstairs while I was steaming mad downstairs it all came out that her and her friend had cut her hair while they played on Thursday. That’s right people, Thursday. I hadn’t given her her bath on Friday night so didn’t notice it and it laid flat on Friday so I didn’t notice it then either. It was only after having slept on clean hair on Friday night that Sat. showed the terrible cut.

I was so horrified that she had done that with a friend at our house I immediately called the mom and told her the story bracing myself for her disappointment. She hadn’t noticed either so I wasn’t feeling quite so bad and she laughed when I told her. She did some of her own detective work and called back to confirm that yes indeed the girls had played beauty parlor and cut their hair. She was so gracious and laughed saying, “I can’t believe it hasn’t happened until now.” I have to say, I’m so thankful for her kindness to me and not getting angry. I don’t know if I would have responded so graciously.

Also, they used scrapbooking scissors. I think that may have helped in not making the cuts quite as blunt as they may have been otherwise.

So, for Jenna’s punishment she had to work for 3 hours this weekend around the house and in the yard to pay for the haircut that I had paid for last week. I did my best to smooth out the choppy layers but it’s just gonna have to grow out. I’m not paying for another hair cut.

The moral of the story is, hair will grow back and if something like this happens at someone else’s house, respond graciously. You never know what a kid will do.

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