Lego Amazingness and So Much More

I’m not that into legos. In fact, I’m a terrible builder. One day Jenna told me I did not get the gift of building while we had legos out. And she is correct.

So last week when I took the kids to OMSI for a quick afternoon outing I was seriously blown away by the LEGO exhibit they have right now. Maybe you’ve seen the guy who does this for a living. He’s been all over the world, and on all the late night and morning shows. Somehow I’ve never seen his work. You can see his art (because that’s what he is, an artist) on his website here.

Here are a couple pictures I took at OMSI. The one of the person holding the child is called Despair. It literally brought tears to my eyes because upon seeing it that’s the feeling you immediately get, despair. Who knew legos could evoke such feelings? I clearly didn’t.

The detail in these are incredible. If you’re in Portland you should go see it.

They had a video of the artist and some of his interviews running in the area where the kids could build and I found it fascinating that he used to be a lawyer. He decided that what he was passionate about and great at was building things out of legos. He went from being a lawyer to an artist. But can you imagine when he first told people what he was quitting his job to go do how they responded? I imagine that people thought it was ridiculous, a stupid move, maybe they laughed at him. I think that sometimes the things that God asks us to do or creates us to be great at may make others laugh or mock us. But I think if it’s really what we’re going to be great at, we should go for it. Give it a try. I bet Nathan Sawaya is glad he did.

I know when I told people that I was going to go into full time ministry with college students some people thought that was ridiculous. I was wasting a college degree after all. But I’m so glad that I made that choice; I trusted God’s leading and I get to do what I’m passionate about doing.

What about you? Is there something you think you’re made to do but are too afraid to try?

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