20 Months Old

Here are some of the things that are true of our sweet little (well, not so little) Isaac at 20 months old.

Isaac is a ball of fire these days. He’s still his happy-go-lucky little self and can be quite laid back but he also has a wild side. (Honestly I feel like I’ve succeeded if he’s still alive at the end of each day.) He is constantly climbing on things, hanging from the doors, and running laps around us all. He loves to jump and can get quite a ways off the floor. He can throw a ball with a little too much strength and have to limit it in the house now before he breaks something. He’s starting to like to sit down and read a book with me for more than 2 seconds at a time. He loves it when you sing to him and he’s starting to sing parts of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star which is so adorable. He still LOVES the water and has jumped into the tub and the kiddy pool outside on multiple occasions with all his clothes on. When we are at the beach he runs straight into the waves without fear and doesn’t want to be held while in the pool. He wants to do it all by himself which is quite the thrill for all of us. He loves to run around naked but after he pooped on the floor this week while naked I think we’ll have to limit that 🙁 His favorite food the past month has been pineapple and olives (Not together of course, although I don’t think he’d mind). He’s starting to say more words and his favorite phrase is “Oh Wow”. One of my favorite things he does is points at my necklaces and says, “preepree” for pretty. So adorable! He loves to watch big trucks drive by and runs to the couch to look out the window when he hears one coming. He is slim and tall these days and wears 24 months and 2t clothes. He just started sleeping through the night consistently because we have him on an inhaler at night because we think he has asthma. It’s helped a ton but a bummer that he may have that for a lifetime. We’ll see if he outgrows it. He still loves to snuggle, gives great hugs and will go to pretty much anyone who wants to hold him and he charms the ones who don’t think they want to pick him up 🙂

Here are a couple photos of the two sides of his personality. Love that boy!

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