The Injustice of it All

Today I feel much like this dandelion; Frazzled and puffy. Now picture it when you blow on it and all the pieces blow off and float through the air. That was how I felt today when we got the news that Jenna didn’t get into the school next door (not even the waiting list). My head exploded in a thousand pieces. Not because I think the school next door is superior, or Jenna won’t do well in the other one. In fact I like that the school we’re zoned in for is more diverse, not as wealthy, and has smaller class sizes. What makes me crazy is that they turned the school next door into a public school that you have to win the lottery to get into. It’s no longer the neighborhood school. So instead of all the families here getting to walk their kids to school and go to class with the kids next door we watch 300 people shuttle in from all over the city while we have to drive our kids to school a mile away. It’s just the principle of it all, the total ridiculousness that makes me crazy. The school system is so messed up. Much like the rest of the government run systems in our world. I guess I shouldn’t expect anything different but I do. I want to walk out my door and take my daughter to school 98 steps away.

Add to this disappointment some squirrels and watching one die a slow death in a trap from my window and it made for a head exploding day.

So when the pieces of my brain float back down and settle a bit I’ll try to remind myself that God is in control. We’ll thrive in whatever school we’re in, we’ll love the people in Jenna’s class and reach out to their families when given the chance. But I’ll also make myself known to the school officials when I send a letter every week for the next year about how we should be allowed to go to school in the actual neighborhood we live in (especially when it’s literally 98 steps away). If we’re persistent maybe by the time Isaac is in school something will be different.

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