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Many of you have probably read Blue Like Jazz, I have too. I enjoyed most of it but remember putting it down several times blazin mad. I’m not sure about what exactly because it was so many years ago. I know it changed a lot of peoples lives and perception of who God is though and for that I was thankful. We gave it out for many years in our Freshman survival kits on campus. We even had a student in Montana so moved by the confession booths that we did it on the MSU campus one year and it was really eye opening to see how students responded.

Since Blue Like Jazz was written I’ve read his other books, seen him speak a few times, and read his blog from time to time. I think that he’s a great writer and I appreciate his honesty and perspective so often. So when Matt said he got us free tickets to the Blue Like Jazz screening I was totally excited. I just have to say it totally exceeded all my expectations. Don and the director were there, incredibly personable, humble and fun to hear them tell more of the story of how the movie came about and answer questions.

It took 4 years to get the movie funded.  In the end how God raised the money was two guys who heard they weren’t going to be able to film because they came up short took action. They set up a Kick Starter site and raised $345,000 in 30 days, finishing up the funding and making it possible to make the film. Literally thousands of people made this film possible which is pretty amazing.

Before they showed the film the director shared that it is a PG-13 film and may not be suitable for all ages. He explained how some have had problems with that in the Christian community. I loved his point on this though. He said, “Since when do all things Christian have to be safe for the whole family? Have you read the Bible? If you took all the things out of there that weren’t “family friendly” it would be a much shorter book.” So, be aware that there is swearing, there may be things you find offensive, but it’s also a great movie.

A couple of my favorite lines in the movie were,

How do you know you don’t like “those” people? Have you ever met them?

Sometimes you have to watch someone love something to love it too. (referring to God)

And of course the end scene is so great and brought me to tears. I know you’re not surprised to hear that but a man in the audience shared that he didn’t expect to be so moved to tears by that scene and he was. So, it wasn’t just me being emotional.

It was a moving, entertaining, witty film for sure. It’s fun it was filmed around Portland and gave an accurate portrayal of the culture here. It makes you think about God, your view of others, and forgiveness. Totally worth seeing! Take your friends and go see it on April 13th if it’s in a theater near you or just buy a ticket on fandango to support it even if you can’t go.


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