Fabulous Friday

We had a great day at our house today. It was actually the first day I made it out of the house since we flew home late Monday night. Mainly because I’ve been recovering and not feeling well and then I discovered I lost my drivers license so I shouldn’t drive around anyway. That’s not what made today great however. Here’s what was fabulous about today:

  • Jenna and I made granola and I do love a fresh, big jar of granola to satisfy my breakfast cravings.
  • Jenna and I made an Easter craft, one I thought up all by myself without the help of pinterest (although I’m sure there’s been one done before). We cut out a cross from cardboard scraps, painted it yellow and then used white coffee filters to decorate one side of it. I couldn’t decide if I wanted the coffee filters on both sides so this is what we ended up with. I think I’ll hang it in the window. Jenna loved helping out and Isaac jumped around the kitchen and threw his football at us while we worked. Fun for all really.

  • Then Matt and I got to go to the Blue Like Jazz movie showing, the last one on their tour. It was such a fun date for us. The movie was really great and I’ll share more about that tomorrow. Donald Miller and the director Steve Taylor met everyone who came and shook their hands. Steve was even walking down the line as we waited to get in and handed out red vines (he’s the one in black in the picture). So hilarious. We had such a great time! (And no we didn’t really see Indonesian Action like the board says)

  • To end the day we had to go to the DMV for me to get a new license. It was quite the experience. When I went in I had to wait in line for 10 min. just to get a number. There were probably 70 people in there but withing 35 minutes I was out of there. That’s pretty impressive for a DMV. Fairly painless I guess. Then about 4 minutes after we got home I put the diapers in the dryer and what do you think I find inside the washer? That’s right people, my license!!! I looked in there about 4 times yesterday but it had to have spun out during the laundry today. That’s an hour of my time I’ll never get back. But here was Matt’s response, “It’s okay, you needed a new address on yours anyway.” Then Jenna said, “That’s so great. Now you have an extra if you lose your new one.” How’s that for looking on the bright side of things? Love those two.

Well, those are some highlights of the day. Hope you all have a great weekend. I’m pretty excited because we have nothing on the schedule for tomorrow and that rarely happens on a Sat. around here.

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