Haely’s Story……

We headed to Panama City Beach a couple weeks ago not to just play in the sand and enjoy the beautiful weather, although that was a definite perk. Our main purpose in going was for Matt to teach some seminars on how to use digital tools with more intention; how to engage others in spiritual conversations (and not just cyber stalk your friends). Yesterday Matt got this email from a student who went,

Thank you! And you can show it to whoever you like! I don’t mind if you broadcast it. Thank you so much for challenging me to use Facebook and technology as a tool to reach people for Christ. I have had really cool conversations on Facebook since big break. I have been able to meet up with my big in my sorority who I randomly texted at Big Break and she started crying in front of me when I was telling her how much God loves her and wants a personal relationship with her. She came to church with me today and we have plans to meet up for lunch this week. I just thought that might encourage you!

This definitely brought tears to my eyes. This is why we went! This is why we do what we do. Go to Matt’s blog to read a little more and see the video Haley posted on her facebook page. It’s worth your 3 minutes.

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