Isaac Oh Isaac

In light of the fact that today Isaac is 18 months old I thought I’d share some pictures of his room and a handful of fun facts about this little ball of fire we have on our hands. All I can say is there is never a dull moment and he is ALL boy.

Here’s looking from the door into his room. He has a room darkening curtain that we already had on hand and it will just have to do until we buy window treatments. We didn’t change much from the last house, at least for now.

I’m standing in front of the window now and Isaac is taking a wild ride on his horse. Notice there’s a little visitor peeking in the door.

I had to put a picture of his closet/parking garage to his red vehicles in here. I think one of the cutest things ever is small clothes hanging in a closet. So adorable!

And now here are some fun facts about our adorable little man.

  • He is like a pin ball bouncing from one thing to another. He’s fast and you can’t turn your back for a moment or he’s standing in the middle of the table, reaching for knives as you’re loading the dishwasher, or hopping in the bathtub with all his clothes on.
  • He prefers to play with all the things that are not his and empties my Tupperware drawer multiple times daily.
  • He loves to brush his teeth and he’d prefer to use everyone else’s toothbrush if he could.
  • His newest newest hobby is to take things out of the kitchen and hide them around the house. This is particularly fun for me; it’s like a treasure hunt all week long.
  • He likes to sit in the bottom of the fridge or freezer when you open the door and grins and shivers when he realizes how cold it is.
  • He randomly walks up to Jenna and gives her hugs and kisses in between the occasional swing he takes at her.
  • He blows kisses sometimes now, most of the time when you give him his milk.
  • He says “hi there,” “bye bye,” “bath time,” “all done,” “night night,” “love you,” and “dog”  to add to the list he already knew. When you ask him questions he usually answers with a “huh uh” instead of saying no. I can’t believe he hasn’t used that word yet. I’m sure he will soon enough.
  • He doesn’t talk a lot because Jenna talks plenty for him but I know he could probably say a lot more words if he wanted to.
  • He dances to the washer and dryer spinning, to music and when he likes what he’s eating.
  • He’s so strong that he tears the pages out of even the thickest of cardboard books. It’s quite amazing really.
  • When we go to the playground he would rather play with sticks, throw things and runs toward the bigger kids playing ball (he loves to play ball), although he does love the slide and likes to go head first.
  • He’s still lights up the room with his smile and charm, loves to snuggle and although he keeps us on our toes and wears us out he is a total delight.

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