Treasures Abound at Goodwill Outlet

If you’re looking for an amazing deal, as I’ve said before, check the Goodwill Outlet. The place where dreams and nightmares are reality. We braved the crowds this weekend (you think I’m kidding? That place is like a busy day at Walmart on Crack.) in hopes of finding a bookshelf to repaint or if we were really lucky a chair for the living room. I know you’re thinking “a chair?! Have you heard of lice and bedbugs?!” Yes, my friends I have and I’m pretty selective when it comes to furniture.

As we strolled through the furniture section a simple blueish turquoise chair caught our attention. Not what we originally had in mind but it was in pretty good shape, could easily be cleaned up nicely with many Clorox wipes, was surprisingly comfortable to sit in, not too big, and is a color that I love and matches the pillow we just bought for the couch. And the best part of it all? It was $5! That’s right my friends, $5. Nothing excites me more than a good deal.

With luck like that we had to keep perusing the bins. There just had to be more treasures to be found. We wrapped up our shopping experience with the chair, a pillow that was just like new (don’t worry I washed it all and did about 4 cycles in the dryer to make sure nothing made it out of the inferno alive) a bin for my pantry, A ballerina leotard, 2 dress up dresses for Jenna, and a few other clothing items. All of that came to a total of $12.97. Now that my friends is how it’s done and also how a place like that becomes addicting.

Here are a few pictures of our new treasures.

**We may refinish the arms on the chair eventually and in case you ever need to clean a pleather chair, water and a little mild laundry detergent is the key.

**Oh and my favorite announcement while we were there was when they asked shoppers to please not dig in the bins until they had come to a complete stop. Craziness I tell you.

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  1. oh man, they really mean it when they say dont dig until the bins come to a complete stop. i was lined up on the line and as the bin came by i couldnt resist and reached out and grabbed a cute kid t-shirt. i got yelled at by the worker, my face turned red and i threw it as fast as i could back into the bin. sheesh!!! i think im still scarred!


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