That’s What She Said……

“I love you so much it’s like I have three blinking, shining stars in my heart just for you.” I don’t think anyone has ever told me that before.

“Can you see God with your own eyes in heaven dad?” He told her you could but you have to die first. Then she said, “I know that. I bet you’re getting close to seeing God with your own eyes.” Either she knows something we don’t or she thinks he’s really old.

At the dinner table: “It’s like there are two little squirrels at the table tonight and you’re the queen squirrel. Daddy’s our servant.” She looked at Matt and said, “You need to get the queen whatever she wants……..or at least pretend to.”

“You’re the best dad!” Matt said, “In the whole world?” and Jenna replied, “well, at least in this house. God is the best dad in the whole world.”

She got in the car from school and said to me, “I love you more than a leopard leaps and more than a falcon flies. But I love Jesus even more than that.” Wow, that was quite the description.

“I think dad’s secret nickname is ninja.” I asked why she thought that was true and she said, “That’s just his favorite name for himself.” hahahah!

Matt asked Jenna where she wanted to live when she grew up and she said, “next door to papa in grammy in Prineville.” That should make them happy.

We’ve seen some very strange people in the last week near our house dressed in costumes and Jenna said “Are they practicing for Halloween already?” No, it’s called Portlandia.

**A note about Jenna. She loves to pick out her own clothes all the time and this week she had a new obsession with that silver belt. She wore it with every outfit and rocked it every time if I do say so myself.

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