The Bible is Not About You

Let’s face it we live in a world where we earn the right to be liked, loved, respected, a good job, and on and on. I meet students on campus all the time with no religious background and the majority of them will say that if there were a God (and most don’t know if there is) you could get there by being a good person. I’ll be the first to admit that when my kid is misbehaving or I want to teach them something about how to act I think of a Bible story. That in itself isn’t bad, there is much to offer for life and how to live in the Bible and it is our guide. But what happens when I make it all about me or my child and what they can learn (or earn)?

We have enough input flooding our lives telling us that “it’s all about you” in our world. That’s why it’s so crucial that I fight against that in our house. It’s hard. It’s counter-intuitive. But that’s the great thing about God, He’s not like me. He is so different and magnificent that He doesn’t think like I do. I can’t earn His love (Jesus died on the cross for me, for you, and it had nothing to do with my goodness.) and I want to make sure my kids know that. I want to make sure that when we read the Bible that they know it’s not about them, but about God; A God who loves them and as a result of that they get to be a part of that story.

Here’s a great article about this. What are your thoughts?

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