The Living Room

Well, there’s nothing like a pound of vomit to christen the brand new carpet in a house. Yep, my sweet Isaac has had a stomach bug of some sort and I’m just hoping it stops there. Luckily for me, last night I had just passed him off to Matt to change his bedding and Matt was the one to take the hit. Sorry honey. That’s the latest on us. Fun I know.

Many of you have asked to see more house pictures so I’ll share some more. I’m a perfectionist and because it’s not perfect (not anywhere near it) I don’t like to show it off yet. But, we’re a work in progress around here. We’ve rearranged the living room 3 times already and we’ve only been here 4 weeks. As you can see we have nothing on the walls and that’s because we can’t decide where to put our stuff. We also need another chair so that will change things I’m sure. There is a long wall on the right side that you can’t see. Sorry, I couldn’t get all the room in the picture very well. All that to say, if you have some great decorating tips let us know. We’re open to your ideas.

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