The Love/Hate Day

Let’s just be honest, some of you hate this day. I also know that some of you love it. Jenna has been saying how this is her favorite holiday and it’s the best day ever. I’m not sure why. Maybe because she gets chocolate and we decorate with red and pink, two of her favorite colors. It’s the simple things I suppose.

The older I get the more I realize that much of our satisfaction, happiness, etc. is based on expectations. And well the expectations of Valentine’s day (according to our culture and jewelry commercials (gag)) is flowers, chocolate and of course a nice piece of bling right? Clearly that’s for the woman. Most of these things are aimed at the women; I’m sorry men.  Although I’m pretty sure you benefit in some way :). So what happens when you don’t have someone to do those things for you? Or even worse, you do but they just don’t do a good job celebrating you? This can be so hard.

I’ll be the first to admit I love holidays and being spoiled but I’m trying to teach my kids it’s not just about me, me, me. Because when I’m focused on me and how I’m being treated I’m usually in for a disappointment. (If this day is a disappointment to you I’m not trying to say you’ve made it all about you. Sometimes life and days like this legitimately suck). I’m trying to remind Jenna (because Isaac doesn’t even know what day it is yet) that even Valentine’s day can be celebrating God’s love for us and that’s the love that will never disappoint. Because one day, Jenna’s heart will be broken on Valentine’s day and she’ll get a box of rocks, so to speak, instead of chocolates and I want her to remember that even if (when) that happens God has lavished His love on us.

Soon we’ll be delivering some treats to our neighbors to show some love and hopefully get to meet some of them for the first time. I know it’s easy for me to have a positive attitude because my man did indeed spoil me today and I have two of the cutest, sweetest kids around but I still want to think about what I can do for someone else today to show love (not that I shouldn’t do this everyday)?

I hope that no matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day you’ll remember that God has lavished His love on you. Who has He put in your path today to remind of that truth or maybe show that to?

Happy Day of Love!

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