Dream of the 1890’s

I went to a some new friends this weekend with the kids for a “Friendship Party.” We met them through Jenna’s preschool and they are wonderful people. They are friends with many of their neighbors and parents of their kids school. It was a wide variety of people at the party which was quite fun. The purpose of the party was to bring items that could be put together in bags to hand out to homeless as you see them on the streets. It’s not a great idea to give them money so they wanted to do something that the kids could be a part of and a way to show Christ’s love and friendship in a small way to someone in need. We brought items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, snacks, shampoo, lotion, hand warmers, socks, food vouchers, etc. It was fun for the kids and a great way to meet new people, although I wasn’t in a conversation for long because I was chasing Isaac all around the house. I overheard many conversations though and I had to laugh because it reminded me of this Portlandia clip.

I know that many people all over are beginning to do things more organically, making things, growing things, etc. on their own, but here it is VERY prevalent. There were conversations of everyone’s chickens and eggs, making yogurt, and much more. It made me feel like such a novice.

Hope you enjoy the video. It’s so Portland. (I couldn’t get it to embed here so just click on the link.)

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