A Police Chase……of Sorts

We went to Prineville this weekend for a funeral (I’ll share more about that later) and after a full day we were sitting at the table with my family playing cards and enjoying each others company when I noticed a police vehicle with flashing lights outside. After a few drive by’s they started spot lighting around the house. My dad looked outside and they were clearly looking for something, or someone.

Now, I’ve lived in Portland long enough to know you might need to panic at this sort of activity. I then thought to myself, “we are staying next door at my grandmas tonight, the doors are not locked there right now, someone could be hiding out in the house. I’m not about to walk over there and stay in the house now.”

So, we keep watching them drive by and spotlight and we decide to call my uncle because they have a police scanner. I was prepared for a scary man hunt story sure to unfold, but you know what they were looking for? Not a rebel man on the loose, but a rebel cow. That’s right, a cow had escaped it’s pasture and was on the run. My fears of a hostage situation subsided and I was free to rest easy that night.

The next morning we found the proof in the grass that sure enough a cow had been in the yard and then a couple hours later the rebel cow was spotted in the field behind my parents house with many people chasing behind. That was one sneaky animal. That’s right friends, those are the kind of happenings of my hometown and I have many fond memories of chasing some of our own animals off the highway and out of a neighbors field. Good times for sure.

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