That’s What She Said………

“I know how dad eats so fast now. He has a much bigger mouth so he can put more in and eat faster than I do.”

“I’m a pretty big fan of myself.”

I told her she was so grown up and she said, “I know, it’s like I’m 6.”

We were packing and she said, “bag, check. pillow, check. book, check. blanket, check.” Okay Monica. I swear she’s never watched Friends. Maybe I am like Monica. Oye.

I parked next to a convertible and Jenna said, “Mom come look at this! They have fur on their seats. I think these people killed an animal!”

Matt and Jenna like to sing funny songs before bedtime. Last night it was “Who let the dogs out? Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff. Who let the cats out? meow, meow, meow, meow.” They made up a few more and then she said, “Who let the mommy out?……pause.” Matt asked well what does she say? She thought a few seconds and said, “stop it, stop it, stop it. Bahahahahahah.” Real funny, real funny.

While lying on the bed recovering she says, “Lets just lay here and rest. Dad will take care of the house work for us.”

She got a book called The Snowman for Christmas. After reading it she took it downstairs and put it down. I asked her to put it in her room on her shelf and she said, “That is a story about a snowman coming to life. I can’t put it in my room now it worries me a little.”

Jenna was feeling sad so I asked her if I could do anything for her. She said, “You could turn on Care Bears for me to watch.” I told her I didn’t know if I wanted her to watch that show and she said, “But it’s about caring. That’s why it’s called the Care Bears.”

“It’s my birthday tomorrow. I’m going to be a whole handful.” Yes, yes, you are.

It’s true. Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating our sweet girl turning 5. There will be pictures to follow don’t you worry.

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