Tangled and Tuckered

My sweet girl is 5! Where did the time go? I know I’ll say it every year. She’s still my sweet and feisty one, too smart for her own good, loves to do crafts and paint, and she has a very compassionate heart toward others and a heart for God. I couldn’t be more blessed. I am sad that 4 is gone. It was the best year yet. It just keeps getting sweeter.

By 10 a.m. Matt and I were already so tired and Jenna kept asking if it was time for her party. This is what happens when the kids get up at 6. Makes for a long day. No worries though, the party was a success. We have such great friends here and we feel blessed that they came to celebrate Jenna. I think I used this party as a way to procrastinate other life things and forget about all the other stress we had going on. I also started a couple months ago on ideas and decorations because I knew that December would not be a good month for me to be doing it. In case you ever want to throw a Tangled party here are some fun ideas (well I think so anyway). I of course got most of my ideas from pinterest and adapted them to my liking. The first one was the cardboard castle. I saw this and knew I had to have it. My dad found us a refrigerator box and then my mom, Jenna and I started the project. I finally finished it this week and I have to say, it’s pretty darn cute and Jenna loves it.

The lanterns were a big theme in the movie so I made some of my own using some vellum, card stock, glitter, and pipe cleaners. I put some LED tea lights in them and hung them from the ceiling. A fun addition and each kid took one home from the party.

I printed out some pictures for the kids to paint as an activity and gave them paints as a little gift as well. They painted, played, had cake and then started to watch Tangled, because it was a Tangled party afterall.

I also LOVE paper flowers and will use them in Jenna’s new room soon. I made a LOT of them and hung them around the house. So pretty. And of course you can’t have a party without white lights so we have those strung up too.

Last but not least is the cake. I did not want to attempt making a tower out of cake or cupcakes so I found a tower craft here and I put that on top of the cake and decorated around it. I was totally pleased with how it came out.

I remember growing up how special birthdays were in our family and I want that to be true for my kids too. I pray they always know (daily) they are treasured, but especially on their birthday.

Now, I’m one tuckered mama. Night all.

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  1. oh happy birthday sweet jenna!!! isnt it amazing? shes 5!! rosie had a tangled party too 🙂 you did a great job, i bet she’ll remember it forever!


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