The Weekend

Today I’m thankful that Matt is home after 6 days away. I hate it when he’s gone and thankful for such a great man.

The kids and I headed over the mountains and through the woods to the grandparents for the long weekend. I love seeing my kids with my parents. They all adore each other so much and there are always tears when they part. For me it’s exhausting because Isaac doesn’t sleep in a pac-n-play anymore and I got about 3 hours last night which about did me in after the first two nights. If we never travel again until he’s in a big boy bed that would be fantastic with me. I only wish that were possible. I’m throwing out ideas of what else he can sleep in. One of which is a tent. I’m serious. He’s already too big for the pac-n-play and I’m kind of at a loss. Please send me your ideas.

Another sweet part of the day was seeing and hugging a couple people that I love and pray for daily that have cancer. They are both a constant reminder of how to walk with faith and joy in the midst of trial.

How was your weekend? I hope it was blessed.

2 thoughts on “The Weekend”

  1. Maybe this guy could build you a new bigger pac-n-play. He made one for himself. Checkout the YouTube video


  2. We switched our kids to big kid beds (not toddler beds) between 14 and 18 months. It took a lot of training to keep them in the bed but it was worth it. We currently have a 15 month old but no bed to put her in. So she is sleeping in a pack n’ play full time right now. 🙂 Hope you find something that works for you!


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