In the recent newsletter that our ministry sends out to staff Steve Douglass was talking again about why He joined this ministry and why he’s stayed. He also shared why others over all these years have been impacted as well. He broke it down into the acrostic: CRU, for our new name.

C – Changed Lives

R – Relationships matter

U – Uncommon Opportunities

Again, these are the reasons that God captured my heart for this ministry and continues to do so. Changed Lives. God is in the business of changing lives and we get to see that all the time. Just last week here in Portland we got to see three students put their faith in Christ. That is so exciting and a big deal given the city we live in. Their lives will never be the same and I’m so grateful. Relationships Matter. God gave His only son for us. For us! So clearly relationships matter. God cares about us individually and he wants us to care about others. We want students to have purposeful relationships and not just be inward focused but outward focused. We are meant to move outside of ourselves and tell others about Christ. Uncommon Opportunities. Are we providing students with opportunities to see that God can use them? There is a bigger plan and adventure than just showing up to class. By stepping out in faith we get to see God work in incredible ways.We give students opportunities to join us on campus, around the United States and around the world to see God at work.

This to me is exciting and like I talked about yesterday, is a reason I stay. I’m thankful that God continues to remind me of the bigger picture.

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